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hey friends | 1730 show boobs | spanks 17 | blow job 77 | kiss 7

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hello im juanita . hope we could enjoy it a nice time here together

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swatch flexicold
i love this brand ! i love
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Commenti (17)
The smile, the sense of humor, the beauty, the musical tastes, so many qualities for one person make so many people burn for you.
"Stairway To Heaven" could & should be the welcome music of this page
Again me.. :-)

I don t know how to write great messages in wall, but I want to let you know how special you are to me. You are awesome!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
After u read this open my gallery and look one specific album which I made for you... your Matxx :-)
Hello J, I separated my time to write this to you for Valentine's Day :-)
The day we find was the one I would cherish until the end of time, then I was looking for peace and I find you! You are the most magical person who takes my worries away.
Nothing is going to change my love for you. You will be my always and unrepeatable J.
Then to hold in my arms so close
And tell you that you are the most
That I will treat you like this every day
Tell you I love you in a very special way
Today is Valentine's Day the day of love
But i must proclaim from high above
The woman I love I love every day
I love her in every way
She holds the key to my heart
Sad that we are apart
I have visions of you and feel the love
I have visions of you on your back and me above
Showing you just how I feel
Proving my love is real
Making love to you for hours upon end
to bring you to that ultimate end
In my eyes, the most beautiful woman (both inside and out) to ever walk the earth. Her stunning beauty and sexuality will lure you into her room. Her smile, eyes, sense or humor, personality, good music, and friendly playful nature will keep you coming back. To me, this woman is flawless. I have never seen another like her. Sheer perfection from her silky hair to the tips of her toes. I fell in love with her. It was impossible not to. I will love her til the day I die. Hopelessly yours, LIPS
JUANITADDICTION: A condition affecting 1000 men a day. An obsessive need to see & talk to the perfect woman. Symptoms include: Laughter, dancing in chair( good play list), raging erections, sore hands, lack of sleep, & severe chest pains following a countdown from 5.Eventually leads to blindness (you will never be able to look at another woman after being afflicted)
My Valentine message to Juanita our Queen. I show my love to you not only today on Valentine's day but every day of the year. You are one very special woman. Please be my Valentine. What more can I say.143
Leaving aside the obvious (we all have eyes to see her beauty), one of the most sensual, nice, fun and intelligent girls I have found in this site... Just to say I'manother J24/7 addict...

Hugs and kisses... do not ever change.
Que linda y preciosa eres...puro ENCANTO!!!!!
Hi Guys

The best tips!